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The Normandy experience is based on quality of life and family values. That’s why our family moved here in 2003.
Since that time, we have undertaken several renovation projects of our own, both commercial and domestic. At times, the learning process has been hard. Through this adventure, we have come to realise that the choice of artisans and supporting contractors is essential to the delivery of a successful Normandy project. Whether you are seeking help with the management or maintenance of a beautiful holiday home or in purchasing and developing a dream life here in Normandy, this kind of local knowledge could be of real advantage to you. With over 25 years of combined Project Management, Property Development and Renovation, Human Resources and Marketing Experience, ImmoSupport will be taking on new clients from Spring 2013, so contact us now.

ImmoSupport prides itself on providing value for money. Its bespoke service is designed to meet your particular need at a cost to suit all budgets and size of project. At your request and with no obligation, we are happy to discuss your circumstances in complete confidentiality and provide advice that will help shape your dream. Supporting your initial visit to Normandy, we will make ourselves fully available to brief you on what the region has to offer, including the securing of suitable guest accommodation.

What we offer is:

Personal Property Search in France (including an Initial Property Evaluation)

Using both estate agents and local notaries we will ensure that your needs are matched to the right property for you and your family. This could take the form of an initial assessment of your down selected properties so that you can optimise your visit.
This will save you time, money and frustration. In this role, we provide liaison with all parties to ensure a smooth acquisition process.

Property Renovation Assessment in France (including arranging local quotations for renovation works)

Using our experience and that of local artisans we can provide a report of the renovation project, including full estimates of the rebuilding costs designed to meet your needs.

Property Renovation Project Coordination

We can provide project coordination for your property renovation at all levels. This could range from working in support of the selected project artisans on a daily basis, to the provision of progress reports of their work

Property Renovation Project Coordination

We know or can easily find the local specialists in property maintenance or garden maintenance.

Key Holding

We check on your property on a regular basis when you are not there, and are always available if there are any emergencies that need dealing with. We can also provide a welcome pack for your visits as well make sure the house is warm for your arrival during the winter.